Nature brings unbelievable powder snow!


SHIGAKOGEN (highland) is the largest ski resort in Japan
which created the history/tradition/culture of the ski. It’s proud of beautiful nature of Joshinetu Kogen National Park.
It has also hosted Winter Olympic Games in 1998
(Alpine Ski:GS,SL,Snowboard Freestyle)
Please enjoy great snowsports in the wonderful snowfield that provides superb natural snow.
SLOPS FOR ALL ABILITIES? Shigakogen offers a great variety of runs, with terrain Suitable for beginners,ranging right up to the expert. With a network of about 50 lifts and gondola. and more than 400 hectares of skiable terrain, Shigakogen can accommodate students of all abilities.
SNOWMAKING? The extensive snowmaking system of Shigakogen that covers almost the entire area allows us deliver lessons throughout Season.

The important thing, we ski to enjoy and safely, from an elderly person to a child!

Fujii Sports Service Ski School was established in Shigakogen Takamagahara in 1970.
We always keep in mind safe and kind step by step guidance.
Not to mention technical improvement, we hope to better your health through snowsports.

Special Ski & Snowboard Lessons

Fujii Sports Service Ski School has an experienced team of local and internationally qualified ski and snowboard instructors, ensuring you receive expert lesson and can maximize your learning potential

Beginner lessons from qualified instructors will ensure a quick and safe progression,
while the intermediate and advanced skiers and boarders will benefit from the more advanced.


We recommend you to book lessons about one month ahead
And you should book lessons according to person’s level separately, even if you are one group

Private lesson fee(for beginners and ntermediates)   JPY

Each person each hour:10,000(Limited 2 people)
Group lesson:50,000 (Limited 5 people)
Lesson hour:about 9:00am ~ end of the lift operating hour(basically)
Booking is required until the day before your lesson at 3:00pm

You will be able to book our lessons for next season from November 15th of this year

  1. If you want us to guide Shigakogen Highland, we are willing to show you around
    In this case, guidance fee is 50,000 yen for one group. Not including lunch cost and others
    A group is up to 5 people
    This tour is limited 1 group and it takes about 6 hours including lunch timeIf you want us to guide all around Shigakogen Highland,
    it takes at least 2 or more than 2days ,depending on weather and traffic conditions
    So,even if you sign up for 2 or more days tour, we could’t execute tour due to heavy snow or other weather conditionsAnd there is another tour scheduled on the day when your tour is postponed,
    we would not be able to execute your tourFurthermore,there might be possibility of refusing to continue your tour because of our circumstances
    In that case, we refund you the rest of the feeYou can develop your skills through this tour by skiing long distance and many variable courses
    Attention:Beginners can not participate in this tour
  2. Expert lesson is added 10,000 yen each person(not applied to tour course)
  3. Meeting Place:Inside Shiga Park Hotel, in front of ski school desk
    ( or your hotel: if you are 2 or more people and requested in advance)


Fujii Sports Service Ski School

Shiga Park Hotel Bldg,
Takamagahara Shigakogen
Yamanouchi-mach Shimotakai-gun Nagano-ken 381-0401 JAPAN
PHONE:0269-34-2139 / FAX:050-3730-4665

Director of Ski School :Atsushi Fujii

Rental fee (JPY)

Ski Package(Skies,Boots,Poles)

Half day 1Day 2Days 3Days 4Days 5Days
2,100 2,600 4,800 5,900 7,000 8,100

Only Skies (include Short Ski / Performance Ski)

Half day 1Day 2Days 3Days 4Days 5Days
1,700 2,100 3,800 4,900 6,000 7,100

Board Package(Boards,Boots)

Half day 1Day 2Days 3Days 4Days 5Days
2,500 3,100 5,800 7,900 10,000 12,100

Only Board (No Performance model)

Half day 1Day 2Days 3Days 4Days 5Days
1,700 2,100 3,800 5,400 7,000 8,600

If you want to rent a performance model ski or boots.
please pay add on normal price(means extra charge)

Half day 1Day 2Days 3Days 4Days 5Days
+300 +500 +1,000 +1,500 +2,000 +2,500

Clothing(Jacket & Pants)

Half day 1Day 2Days 3Days 4Days 5Days
2,200 2,600 4,300 5,400 6,500 7,600

Gloves,Goggles,Beanies(Price of one each)

Half day 1Day 2Days 3Days 4Days 5Days
400 600 1,100 1,600 2,100 2,600


Half day 1Day 2Days 3Days 4Days 5Days
500 1,100 2,000 2,800 3,600 4,400

These price includes multi-day discount price.
So, if you No ski after day2 you return your gear.
We can’t refund.
Thank you